What Is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app. There are billions of people using what’s an app all over the world. So, it allows free services to its users. You must need an internet connection to get access. But, it is easy to download and use. Therefore, it provides text messages, voice chat, video and photo sharing, video calls, and many more.

WhatsApp is an American application. It has gained popularity due to its features. But, it allows users to use the WhatsApp app web on a laptop or window. However, it has no third party. So the messages are sent in encryption mode that is safe to use.

WhatsApp Application
WhatsApp Application

Features Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp was revealed 13 years ago. It has billions of users all over the world. WhatsApp instant messenger has a lot of features. But, it offers fantastic services. There are a lot of alternatives, but it is still a unique and most used app. Moreover, these features are the following;

Voice And Video Call: One of the best features is calling. This messaging app provides you service of instant calling, either voice or video. It helps to call anyone in the world. You can also do video calls all around the world easily. This app supports group voice and video calls, which is a great feature. There is a display about this option, and you can easily do it.

Picture And Video Sharing

It is one of the great features that allow sharing of media files. However, you can share such media with anyone in the world.

Storage Management: This tool offers an improved version of storage management. Moreover, It helps you to check all the media and gives you the option to delete them.

Blue Ticks And Last Seen: Blue ticks and last seen are some of the remarkable features of WhatsApp. Blue ticks show that the receiver has seen your text. The last scene shows the online status of the receiver. You can also change the setting by visiting the privacy of this application.

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Voice Recording: This application offers a helpful feature which is a voice message. It helps you to avoid writing long text. However, you can share a lot of voice messages at once. There is no limitation of duration as well.

Features Of WhatsApp
Features Of WhatsApp

Mods And Different Types Of Apk 

The word mods refers to the modified. So modes of WhatsApp are the alternates of the original What’s App. Such applications have third-party developers use the official What’s App. Such apps are not enough to secure than original. One of the primary causes of its popularity is extra features.

10 Best WhatsApp Mods

There are a lot of alternate WhatsApp. But these are the following top mods on WhatsApp;

  • GB What’s the app
  • YoWhatsApp.
  • Fouad WhatsApp
  • OGWhatsApp.
  • Plus
  • Aero
  • WhatsApp Prime
  • WhatsApp MA
  • GBWhatsApp Mini
  • ZE WhatsApp.

How To Download And Use What’s App?

For the Installation process, you would need a Google account, etc., Google email address.

The phone will ask you to sign up or register your Gmail account, in which case you have to first register with your email address in the device, maybe an existing one, or you can make a new one which is relatively easy. You have to give your email ID.

Firstly, click on the Google Play Store on your device. Usually, it’s always on the main page of your mobile. After Open, type What’s App in the search bar shown on the top.  So will show this app on the first number. Just tap on it and click on the download option next to the icon.  But before you click, make sure it’s What’s App Messenger.  After a while, it will start downloading and installing and will begin appearing on the desktop.

Install WhatsApp App On Android

Click on the What’s App. And you can read the terms and conditions. Click on “Agree and continue.” What’s App will ask for access to contacts and files giving permissions. For verification, step enter your mobile number with your country code and click Next. A message will show with the verification code entered. Then, set your name and profile and go on next, and now you’re free to use.

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On the top, you must see a small icon. By clicking on it, you will see all the numbers on your SIM or mobile. You can call or message anyone you want. In the chats option, you can see all your text conversations. In the status option, you can see public 24-hour messages from your contacts.

Download WhatsApp
Download WhatsApp

Is What’s App Safe?

You always get curious about safety before downloading any app. If you are interested in knowing about What’s App’s security, this article will help you.

So the answer is yes. So, it is safe and secure to use. It doesn’t store your personal information. It uses only the contact that is already saved on your device. What’s App encrypts messages sent between users, and the app doesn’t store any unnecessary information. Always be careful not to share your What’s App password with anyone else. So it is protected.

Is What’s App Free To Use?

It is free to download from the App Store.  It only uses your phone’s internet connection. So, it allows you to send unlimited messages, photos, and videos, so you don’t have to worry about using your dedicated text or call allowances.

How To Use APP Web On a PC?

Open your Chrome browser and search for it for pc. On the official site, you can download What’s App for Windows easily. After downloading, it will appear on your desktop.

Open whatsapp.exe.

You will see a QR Code with instructions on how to connect your smartphone to Windows. You have to follow these steps.

Therefore, open it on your mobile.

So, you need to go to Settings and select whats web.

Point your phone camera to the screen to connect the code. So, you will instantly get access to it.

What’s App is one of the most accessible applications all over the world.  Thus, it brings the people close to each other. So let’s share interactions with proper security by using.